First off I would like to say Thank You for stopping by! I am a brand new book blog, However, I am not new to blogging. I plan to share my photos as seen on Instagram “Bookish.Lush” is Me. I also will be sharing my un-boxing’s of monthly book crates as well as in the near future I plan on sharing book reviews. Now as we each live busy lives of work, family. friends, college and all that occurs, I plan to do my best with keeping everything updated. I oath that my words are my own and for any reason quotes are presented citation and acknowledgment will be given. The Images I share will be of My own taking unless otherwise stated. I hope you each enjoy, I look forward to seeing other book bloggers forums and learning of bookish products. Being a Book or Product rep is also something I am interested in. I support family friendly content.



PS: I Just Started My Goodreads